Skywalk New Ultralight Harness – Range Air

After a long wait, the new Range Air is here from Skywalk!

This ultralight paragliding harness is for weekend warriors as much as it is for X-Alps pilots. It’s packs up into the smallest container I’ve ever seen, weighs less than 1.9kg, has a real cockpit and flight deck and will store 80l in the back. Unbelievable!! Clearly, the ultralight market is about to receive a wake-up call. Ozone, are you listening?

Read all about it here

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  1. I am looking forward to your review! This harness looks like a great alternative to the Ozium and the Sup’Air XA13.

    • Thanks! I should hope they’d send me one to review for them đŸ˜‰
      My only question is the reserve container. It is obviously front-mounted, but I’m wondering how it integrates with the cockpit. We’ll see..

      • I agree with your reserve comment. That is also the case for the XA13 and I wonder how it will affect the pod in general and the ease of closing and opening the pod during take off and landing.

        That’s one thing the Ozium is very nice (same as Impress 3) the pod opens and close quite easy after putting tension on the foot plate. I wonder if the weight of a reserve on the actual pod skirt may affect this or not.

        If Skywalk got that figured out this harness is going to be great for travelers! I travel every week for work and try to bring my gear every where I go and this harness may let get away with brining my gear as a carry on!

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