Flying Mount Vesuvius

Here’s a little video of my flight off Mount Vesuvius, Naples Italy.

I arrived as a tourist only interested in the hike up, but the wind was coming in from the West at just the right strength. I had my paragliding gear with me so….

There were so many tourists! It was the weekend, but I had hoped to avoid being seen since this probably isn’t an actual “site”. As soon as my gear came out, so did the entire mountain of onlookers.

The clouds were low and forming right in front of launch. I was concerned about getting blown back and landing inside the volcano (horrible situation!), so I played it safe and stayed well in front of the edge.

All in all, it was a short, but fun flight and no one came running up to yell at me for flying there – only happy onlookers and lots of smiling faces.

A big thanks to Francesco Panzetti for hooking me up with a ride back to get my car!


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