White Cliffs of Dover

Here’s a quick video of Nigel and I flying The Warren in GB.

I showed up in England last year with high hopes of flying Dover, only to hear that it’s flyable but a handful of days a year, well maybe more than a handful, but I was told it would be “highly unlikely” that I would be flying Dover. However, while touring near Stonehenge I received a call from one of the local pilots, Nigel. A week or so earlier I had sent the local club an email letting them know when I’d be in the area and that I dearly wished to fly.

Nigel could hardly contain his excitement; the weather showed it was going to be “On” tomorrow and could I make it? Are you kidding, I’m on my way over right now!

Nigel couldn’t resist telling me how lucky I was (we were). The following day we had several great flights at The Warren and I was lucky to meet many of the local crew (who were all awesome!). The next day we took a trip up to Long Mynd and had another great day – almost a great XC flight too; one late thermal took us up 1000m only to spit most of us out downwind. This diabolical thermal did allow a lucky 3 (out of 20 pilots) an XC chance and they took it. Nigel and I just missed it and landed together slightly short of launch, but celebrated the fact that we both flew for hours and how awesome that was to us.

Back from Long Mynd we decided to just play around Thurnham. There wasn’t an XC opportunity on this day, but it was great being out in the country, the birds flying along with us, butterflies in the grass and all that stuff. Really, it was an amazing time at Thurnham and a great experience in GB all around!

So, to Nigel and the local club http://www.dfhgc.org/, thank you for your warm welcome and the wonderful flights we had. I can’t wait to return! And to Santana, thanks for the Persuasion.

I hope you enjoy the video!

ps, I did remove my helmet in flight, twice. I do not recommend you do this… ever!

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