Pedra Bonita

I has been a while since I posted, mainly because I’m waiting to receive more gear to review (coming soon…), so hopefully this will do for now.



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G-Force Training

Preparing for XC means getting ready for some serious Gs.

Join us in Annecy as we spin round and round… up to 7 Gs all while under the supreme guidance of Seiko.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.59.30 AM

Reposted from Ozone’s site:

A few months ago, Dave Turner contacted us and said that he had some rather ambitious plans. He told us that he was planning to first complete a solo-unsupported crossing and traverse of the Sierra Mountains, from the California coast to the northern NV desert. And after that, he said, he planned to traverse the entire length of the Alps from Nice, France, to the Slovenian border, solo and unsupported. Then, without even resting, he said that he was going to fly all the way back to Nice, France… tandem with his partner, Tawny Thomas. Well, he did.

Dave has now done it all in a spectacular way. the Sierra Vol-biv route that he chose was daunting, crossing serious terrain. And his double Alps-traverse, completed in the middle of the  rainiest summer we can remember, required some intense wet-weather walking and a lot of flying in less than perfect conditions.

Congratulations, Dave, hats off to you for an incredible amount of ambition, courage, and commitment. And to Tawny as well, who braved a long and difficult trip back across the Alps.

Dave’s Alpine traverse was around 2500km in total, if you want to see a crazy tracklog, visit his DeLorme map page:

For more info and photos / video of his adventures, visit his facebook page.

and his website is here.

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Here’s a relaxing video of my friends and I flying near Planfait last year. It was a bit overcast so our XC plans were shot, but any day flying with friends is better than… well, anything :)

Happy Birthday Tracy!

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Together, Gliding


Please help us make this movie a reality by simply voting here

Our vision for the movie is to make the definitive paragliding film, to make something that appeals to everyone, not just paragliding pilots. We want our community to feel like they own it, point to it and say “that’s me and that’s why I love paragliding”


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Nerv Helmet Review (from Icaro)

Hi all. I was able to get my hands on one of these new helmets from Icaro and thought I’d share my experience. I quite liked it!

Hope you find this video useful and as always, feel free to ask questions or comment.


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Skywalk New Ultralight Harness – Range Air

After a long wait, the new Range Air is here from Skywalk!

This ultralight paragliding harness is for weekend warriors as much as it is for X-Alps pilots. It’s packs up into the smallest container I’ve ever seen, weighs less than 1.9kg, has a real cockpit and flight deck and will store 80l in the back. Unbelievable!! Clearly, the ultralight market is about to receive a wake-up call. Ozone, are you listening?

Read all about it here

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